Miguel Vallinas is a talented 42-year-old photographer and artist from Valladolid, Spain who currently based in Madrid, Italy. For his new project “Second Skins”, Miguel retouched photographic portraits of wildlife where animals are digitally dressed in some super stylish outfits that fit them like a second skin. These are not photographs of animals dressed in human attire. They are, says Miguel Vallinas, “Human portraits that reveal the animal within us.”In fact, Vallinas’ photographs seem to accurately investigate concepts such as psychology, stereotyping and personality. The taxidermied specimens are photographed in various museums and private collections, while each outfit is modelled by volunteers in Miguel’s studio.

“Our clothes reveal what is locked within us,” Vallinas suggests. “Certain people,” he goes on, “wear certain clothes to differentiate themselves from others. But when they meet people dressed the same way, they form herds. Our clothing is like the fur of animals.”