Mike Cable is an Award Winning and Published Photographer who lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His photographs have appeared in major photography magazines, an Canon EOS Camera Brochure, hotels, private collections, books and won or placed in some of the worlds largest and most prestigious photography competitions. These include the International Photography Awards, PX3 France and The Black and White Spider Awards. Mike is available for commissioned work using traditional film cameras up to 4×5 or by digital workflow. All of his work is available for licensing or on an royalty free rights basis as well. He specializes in providing the highest quality photographs for Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Small Businesses and others. He also works with with an major Art Firm with offices on the East and West Coast for larger orders. They are able to offer competitive pricing as well as installation, printing and framing of his work. Please use the contact tab to reach him via email for pricing on individual pieces or quotes for larger orders.