Miles Aldridge is a fashion photographer and artist. Born in North London to graphic designer Alan Aldridge, Miles grew up inured to celebrity – John Lennon was a family friend, as well as Eric Clapton and Elton John. When he was a kid, he posed with his father for Lord Snowdon. At the age of 12, Alan Aldridge moved to Los Angeles where he formed a new family. Miles stayed in London with his mother Rita, a housewife, and his step-sister Saffron Aldridge. He also has two other models sisters : Lily Aldridge and Ruby Aldridge. He studied Illustration at the Central St Martins to follow his father’s steps, afterwards briefly directed pop videos before moving into photography by chance. He sent some photos of an aspiring model girlfriend to an agency and fell into fashion when British Vogue called him as well as her. By then he’d hung out on shoots with his sister and travelled to New York in the mid-nineties where he started working almost immediately.