Killian Roman is a talented 20 year-old self taught photographer currently based in Grenoble, France. He loves to take beautifully composed, minimalist architecture photos on his instagram. Each shot is very minimal, symmetric and colorful. “Colors remind them all the beauty in all things. For example, if a building is grey and brown, people won’t pay attention,” he said to photogrist. “However if the building is composed of some colors, they more likely will focus on it.” Killian posts his pictures on Instagram, where he has attracted more than 33,000 followers. “Architecture is the subject I work with the most. I feel like they have stories, scars, hopes, .. By shooting them, I want to share their stories, while adding my own personal touch.”

Yet I do not see me as a photographer, rather as a visual author. I want my pictures to be some kind of familiar for the people who see them. It’s important for me that people feel good while discovering my work, that’s why I use colors.

– Killian Roman

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More info: instagram / facebook