Luca Tombolini is a talented self-taught photographer and visual artist who was born in 1979 in Milan, Italy. He completed a degree in classical studies, followed by a degree in Sciences of Communication with a major in visual rhetorics in cinema in 2005. “While studying at university I met with photography and started experimenting with large format cameras,” he says.

In my photography I’m following a fascination for desert primordial places. No other places are so helpful in making that mind shift needed to try to enquire beyond our limited lifetime. This process implies contemplation, the Self, the Unconscious and the perceived reality. I’ve found photography particularly efficient to make considerations about time, either when it’s clearly stopping it or on the contrary when it gives the impression of compressing time as if the moment pictured could have existed forever. The latter was the impression i had when i first developed the shots of the early landscapes series i did.

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