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Colorful Minimalist Photography by Chinnaphong Mungsiri

Chinnaphong Mungsiri is a talented photographer and artist based in Chiangmai, Thailand. Chinnaphong walks around the city with his camera everyday, and captures simple space and shape of building in the town. More info: instagram

Out of Bounds: Minimalist and Colorful Photos of Malta by Ian Adams

Ian Adams is an professional photographer, filmmaker and creative director from United States who currently lives and works in Valletta, Malta. Ian studied Art at San Diego State University-California State University and started his career in advertising as an Art Director in southern California. For his series “Out of Bounds”, Adams captured colorful and minimalist architecture shots of facades around the island of Malta. I take a walk around the island of Malta and capture everything from boat tops, to the interesting foliage. Malta has a great muted palette, especially when combined with colours that really stand out. More info: ... Read more

Spiritual and Minimalist Instagrams of Alex Oelofse

Alex Oelofse is a talented 23-year-old photographer and artist with a sense for abstractness, currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. Alex shoots meditative and surreal photography, he explores isolated fields, empty deserts and infinite horizons beneath blue skies. “I usually find most of my inspiration comes from being submersed in a new landscape, being out of my comfort zone or reading about something that I really connect with”, he explaines. I love a minimalist look. I’m extremely drawn to stark landscapes and working with either doing an intervention within them or simply capturing it as is. More info: instagram

Minimalist and Colorful Cactus Photography by Evgeniya Porechenskaya

Evgeniya Porechenskaya is a multi-talented self-taught photographer, model, stylist, traveler and designer currently from Ljubljana, Slovenia who currently based in Canary Islands. Evgeniya shoots minimalist fashion and still life photography. For her latest series “Cactus Minimal Collection”, Porechenskaya captured stunning Caryophyllales in vibrant colors. More info: instagram / facebook

Colorful and Aesthetic Minimalist Photography by Aryton Page

Aryton Page is a superb talented 27-year-old self-taught photographer and digital artist currently based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Aryton got into the minimal aesthetic couple years ago via Instagram, he shoots a lot of various objects, buildings, and landscapes. Page loves to experiment with colors and perspective and states that he’s always striving to see everyday things in a different way. I love to experiment with colors and perspective; I’m always striving to see everyday things in a different way, and in turn, I hope to get others to do the same. More info: instagram / website

Geometric LA: Minimalist Photography by Sallie Harrison

Sallie Harrison is a talented self-taught photographer, visual designer and art director currently based in Los Angeles, California. Sallie runs her own design studio specializing in both print and web media. She combines and explores her love for color, graphic shapes, surfaces, minimalism and geometry. An ongoing study of the wide variety of architecture & geometric line play in Los Angeles. Sallie Harrison’s clients include: Sephora, SolarCity, Verizon, Oculus, Chairish, Google Play Music, NEFF Headwear. More info: instagram / website

Street Minimalism: Bizarre Urban Furniture by Bert Danckaert

Bert Danckaert is an professional 51-year-old photographer who lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. Bert studied photography at the Academy for Fine Arts and the National Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp. He travels throughout the world in search of politically and socially charged images that are simultaneously documentary as well as conceptual. In his oeuvre, the artist depicts a strangely familiar universe: that of the unremarkable, undistinguished places in which all of us spend so much of our lives, places we pass through without giving them any notice, spaces that are just trajectories, parts of a line connecting ... Read more

On His Own: Minimalist Photo Series by Paweł Franik

Paweł Franik is a talented young photographer, filmmaker, motion designer and image maker from Knurów, Poland. Pawel was born on February 22, 1991 and he is currently studies Film and Photography in WST. For me photography is something special, it allows me to hold moments in my hand. I especially like to shoot minimal scenes which nonetheless are dense with meaning, and hidden meanings in particular. The photographic series entitled “On His Own” shows a human as an individual, as a loner in a big space that surrounds them. The purpose of this series is to draw attention to the ... Read more

All You Need Is Blue by Francois Peyranne

Francois Peyranne is a talented photographer, designer, filmmaker and art director currently based in Paris, France. He studied at ESAG Penninghen school of art in Paris. For his latest project “All You Need Is Blue”, Francois captured stunning minimalist, cinematic and colorful photography, in which blue shades follow each other in an aquatic or mountainous atmosphere. More info: facebook / vimeo / website

Stunning Minimalist and Conceptual Photography by Nick Ballon

Nick Ballon (previously featured) is an professional 40-year-old documentary and portrait photographer currently based in London, UK. Nick captures stunning minimalist and cinematic photography. His father, a Bolivian restauranteur and his mother an NHS chief executive from Petts Wood, may be an account for his keen eye for the incongruous. Ballon received his BA from Berkshire School of art and design in 2001, and has since been published in numerous magazines like Guardian Weekend, Intelligent Life and The Independent and awarded prizes such as Foto 8 and Creative Review Photography Annual. Nick Ballon’s work has been exhibited internationally including at ... Read more

Minimalist Urban Scenes by Julian Frichot

Julian Frichot is a talented self-taught photographer based in Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia. He shoots a lot of urban, portrait, architecture, minimalist and colorful photography. Julian is interested in documenting the layers and textures that accumulate in human environments. By engaging with a daily practice of documentary and street photography, he is able to sensitively observe the shifts and patterns that time marks upon landscapes, buildings, and people. More info: instagram / website

Minimalist Street Photography by Jan Zimmerman

Jan Zimmerman is a talented self taught photographer currently based in Norrköping, Sweden. Jans shoots a lot of street, architecture and landscape photography. Zimmerman explores the objectivism of obvious daily basis things and urbanscapes. More info: instagram / tumblr / flickr