Kenta Nakamura is a talented 36-year-old self-taught photographer currently lives and works between Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan. Graduated from Kyushu Institute of Technology with Engineering Major, Kenta shoots a lot of portrait, documentary and lifestyle photography. “I take photographs of contrasts and vivid images in daily life,” he says. For his project “Mitsugetsu”, Nakamura has been taking photographs of this captivating lady for several years – ever since he met her in 2012, in fact. He documented life of an elderly woman, celebrating her childlike persona inside.

I met this lady in 2012 and I’ve been taking her photo ever since. At first she was shy and didn’t like to be in front of the camera. Although, as we shot over time, I felt that she started to express her feelings unconsciously and possessed a sense of being a piece of art. Capturing her freedom, strength, loneliness, weakness and her “inner-child” through my lens made me realize how beautiful women can be in any age.

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