Category: Mobile Photography

Mobile Street and Outdoor Portrait Photography by Thomas Kakareko

Marvelous female portraits by Thomas Kakareko, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and instagram star based in Berlin, Germany. He started photography in October 2010 shortly after Instagram was launched on the App Store. Thomas focuses on candid street scenes and the characters within them. Kakareko become a renowned street photographer on Instagram with over 688,000 followers and counting. This was the starting point for his career as a professional photographer. I was born in a city that is full of changes, rebellious feelings, confronting attitudes and aspirations to express the freedom in the very individual way. The lifestyle and attitude of ... Read more

Meticulously Detailed and Aesthetic Smartphone Photography by Adam Hillman

Adam Hillman is a talented 21-year-old visual artist and smartphone photographer, based in New Jersey, United States. Before he found smartphone photography in 2014, Adam has been creating abstract paintings and drawings for years. His works are immediately recognizable for their incredible detail, making them almost dizzying to the viewer. Bear Square Color Balance Cornered Eggsthetic Food Pyramid Gumbow Happy Easter Pencil Eraser Well-balanced Diet More info: instagram / tumblr