Erika Zolli (previously featured) aka Eribluff is a talented fine-art photographer and visual artist currently based in Milan, Italy. She is attracted to the potential of photography to lead the observer into a world of surreal poetry. Her work is a combination of surrealism and lightness: the subjects directly interacts with the surroundings, creating an extrasensory and magical sensation. For her latest project “Modern Times” is a series of photographs that rotate around the possibility of going back in time, precisely at an age neoclassical where the portraits characters interact with objects of our modernity.

I’m fascinated by the idea of putting together elements that disagree. From what contrasts comes the fairest harmony. The sense of things is released thanks to diversity. Putting together different historical periods through elements that apparently disturbs the usual vision of the observer, makes you stop for a second thought, resolving soon after, in an aesthetically harmonious vision.

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