Molly Strohl is a talented 21 years old photographer, artist and student currently studies at Savannah College of Art and Design photography. She shoot a lot of portraits, surreal and wonderfully surreal photographs.

It is an unrecognized fact that humans are made of the same matter and atoms as stars. Huge, burning masses in space are connected to the fragile human body. We are so much more connected with the universe than we commonly believe ourselves to be, and I want to reestablish that connection in this series. Our own sun, a star unto itself, gives us the warmth and energy we need to survive and we carry that same energy within ourselves. The universe powers our entire world, and yet so many of us are oblivious to this incredible fact. By conceptually showing how we are just as unique as a bright star thousands of light years away, I use a destructive method on the photographs themselves, that in effect, allow light to pass through them in star-like pieces. Once the images are photographed a second time, the starry patterns and the original photos become one and bind together the human with their celestial counterpart.