Alex Farrow-Hamblen (21) is a self-taught amateur photographer, specialising in monochrome landscapes from Yarm-on-Tees, England. “At twelve, I saw myself as a budding artist,” he says. “Then, I got my first camera: a Kodak Easyshare M853. A digital screen and 8.3 MP, I was ‘over the moon’ on photoshoots in my back garden! With age, I soon began to appreciate the value of photography: not a glossy image on the pages of a magazine but a medium that can evoke thought – something that can transcend all ages and backgrounds. Currently enjoying my Nikon COOLPIX L830 having graduated with a degree in Human Physiology this September, I look forward to the places and people I will see and meet through my photography as I begin my dental degree this September.”

My favourite photographic subjects:
If I were to define my current style, I enjoy taking monochrome (B&W) landscapes. I feel as a landscape photographer colour can, at times, distract the eye. With B&W however, it can emphasise natural light, add depth, accentuate shadow and aids the perception of scale. With this, I feel B&W lends itself to Mountain scapes. The peaks, swirling clouds and mystique of the World’s most iconic summits, once stripped back in B&W, adds intrigue and mystery; something that can inspire us all. We are all adventurers!

What I love about photography:
Images inspire. I feel at a time where conversation is seen as a ‘dying art’, photography can communicate; able to engage individuals of all ages, sex, backgrounds and cultures. My mantra is if it catches your eye, makes you smile, think or identify with a particular place or person, you are on to a winner. Above all, just have some fun!

– Alex Farrow-Hamblen
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