Gregory Augendre-Сambon is a talented 41-year-old photographer and filmmaker, who was born in Vierzon and currently based in Montreuil, Ile-De-France, France. He received his degree from Université de Tours in 1994, where he studied Art History. Gregory inspired by theatre, dance and art.

Mr Gac survived.
The standard gained ground, smoothing the melancholic and plastifiait the body, but Mr Gac survived.

To give blue to gray, he struggled, he danced, he defined the space suddenly butoh and Bausch. His world is now organized in a framework of flowers tattooed. This world is secure, the madness that emerges is soothing. Mr Gac stages, from him to others. It glosses, he puts it multiplies. His unit has the power to show us what he sees from his glasses.

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He was born in the 20s, or 50, whatever. He also travels. These trips he keeps only the best, and most importantly, it is forbidden to separate memories. Each destination brings to the previous colors and ideas, waiting to be completed by the following.

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Was it the Japanese sea or Scandinavian concrete? Can I wear a hat and cardigan? Otto Dix have painted it myself in color or black and white? His sensitivity is not always an answer, but the expression of emotions is clear.

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Curious and generous, he collects and distributes. What he picked curiosity is offered. His collection is not private, and you can add …









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