Marvelous female portraits by Nathaniel Gerdes, multi-talented photographer, graphic designer, visual artist and motivational speaker who grew up in Arizona, spent his youth traveling with his grandparents, and currently based in Petaluma, California. Nathaniel focuses on portraiture, he shoots gorgeous beauty, fashion, lifestyle and moody portrait photography. His ethereal photography have earned him more than 76,900 followers on Instagram. Gerdes uses Canon 6D camera with 20mm, 28mm, 50mm and the 85mm lens, and Photoshop.

Nathaniel Gerdes is a innovative, personable, and is driven to push the boundaries of artistic expression. After spending some time at the Art Institute in San Francisco studying Graphic Design, Nathaniel took to a new path and began his search for wisdom. Nathaniel was persistent in understanding success and the universe. After hundreds of books books, dozens of seminars, countless hours of audio tapes, and personal coaching by many successful entrepreneurs, over the course of 5 years, Nathaniel was eager to step out of the studies and into application. Picking up the new skill of photography, Nathaniel was determined to achieve outstanding success in a relatively short period of time. In his first year alone Nathaniel was published with a 10 page interview on his work in Avant Photo Magazine, shot with models ranging from 200,000 to 2 million followers on Instagram, traveled all around the United States, worked with major brands, and broke 10,000 followers on his personal Instagram account (@NathanielGerdes). Now, Nathaniel is an established photographer & guru. As a project manager he has put together and ran dozens successful ad campaigns and continues to work with commercial clients on bringing their dreams to life as well as their product into the eyes of the public. Nathaniel’s achievements, including his recent publications in Forbes Magazine and Art of Visuals, have inspired him to write his self published book The Guide to Greatness.

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