Moshe and Rivka Katvan met as students while attending the School of Visual Arts. years later, they remain partners in life and photography, combining their unique skills to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Together, they collaborate on all people shoots and support one another on their separate projects.

Individually, Moshe shoots all still life projects. His years of still life experience have helped him hone his classic technique, while always being one of the first in the industry to adopt new creative trends and digital technologies. The studio is equipped with state-of-the- art digital capture, and offers full post-production services; scanning, retouching, compositing and calibrated outputs.

Rivka is world-reknowned for her photographic studies of the Broadway theatre, as seen in her recent Abrams’ book, “Backstage: Broadway Behind the Curtain.” In addition, she has won numerous awards and acclaim for her projects and exhibits. Above all, Moshe and Rivka are client-friendly. They always go the extra mile to fulfill an art director’s and client’s needs and vision, whatever the size of the project. And their clients always leave satisfied — with the work and the fabulous spread of mouth- watering, culinary tastes that Rivka always provides. It’s this kind of personal warmth and professional excellence that has led to manylong-lasting relationships with most of the people they work with.