Jevan Chowdhury is a talented photographer, creative director, filmmaker and founder of Wind & Foster Studios currently based in London, UK. For his series “Moving Cities”, Jevan captured professional dancers from the dance community to interact and express their connection with the city. Taking to the streets and working with the natural hustle and bustle in cities around the world, he’s paired together dance, music and film into one striking piece of art.

Chowdhury launched his Moving Cities project in 2014. Since then Jevan has collaborated with 5 national ballets, over 20 dance companies, screened at 23 film festivals and reached over 2 million people via social media.

Moving Cities has visited cities and worked with dancers from around the world – Paris, Brussels, Melbourne to name a few, what made Salford so special was its youth and talent – some of the best work from that age group I’ve ever seen.

– Jevan Chowdhury

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