Mukul Soman is an outstanding, multifaceted Artist. There are two main areas of visual media that he specializes in: Photography & CGI Art. Mukul is an internationally published, National Geographic approved photographer. His work has been published in the National Geographic Society’s online publications and a number of international publications like The Huffington Post, The Daily Mirror, and The Telegraph. Mukul has also photographed for a number of commercial clients in the Bay Area and in Washington State. Today along with his beloved wife, he runs his own photography business, SomanMateo Photography.

Mukul’s background in photography, has paved new avenues for his artistic expression: cinematography & visual effects (digital matte painting & compositing). He had the wonderful opportunity to work as a virtual cinematographer for the Car Racing Game, Forza Motorsport 5, where he did cinematography work for the game’s cinematic sequences. Another one of the most prominent highlights of his career in the visual effects & Gaming industry includes his position as a Skybox Artist/Matte Painter for the world famous video game franchise, HALO at Microsoft. During this stint, he created 360-degree matte paintings, with a strong emphasis on composition, mood and realism. He is a guru in Photoshop, World Machine, Vue, Modo, Maya & Nuke, which are the tools he uses to create stunning dynamic landscapes and alien worlds. His expertise and willingness to share, earned him the opportunity to be a masters level teacher at the much acclaimed Academy of Art University, San Francisco, where he not only delivered guest lectures for graduate students but also co-wrote their online curriculum in advanced Matte Painting techniques. He has experience doing direction of photography and cinematography, while working with “The Base Studio”, where he also worked as a matte painter for feature film & commercial work in San Francisco.

Currently, Mukul is working with Microsoft’s 343 Industries making next generation skyboxes for the upcoming Halo Title.