Muriel Bordier is a talented French photographer and filmmaker from Rennes, who shoots humorous cultural and society photography. For her new project “Les Thermes”, Muriel captured creative and funny illustrated scenes of small figures lost in giant contemporary spaces such as swimming pools, spas or museums. A graduate of the Reims School of Art and Design, Bordier has exhibited in Paris, Rennes and Lyon, as well as in Chile, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece and the US.

“In my photographs, I try to cast an amused and satirical eye on the world. I choose elements that are part of our collective memory, our society’s cultural codes, objects, monuments, landscapes, people. I juxtapose, stage and photograph these elements, playing on the difference the image generates and the spectator’s representation. There is no master plan, I don’t tell the spectator what to think; I simply provide an elaborate composition that allows the eye to travel, create its own hierarchy of aspects, and awaken perception.”

-Muriel Bordier