Music Photography

Music Photography by Eric Canto

French photographer Eric Canto started his off his career on stage as a musician, before making his move behind the lens into

Live Music Photography by Jay Hynes

Jay Hynes is a professional photographer and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. Jay shoots a lot of advertising, portrait and music

Music Photography by Sam Emerson

Sam Emerson, smpsp, is a unit photographer for motion pictures, television and music videos. From La Bamba to Michael Jackson’s Bad, The

Jazz Photography by Francis Wolff

Francis Wolff was a record company executive, photographer and record producer. Wolff’s skills, as an executive and a photographer, were important contributions

Music Photography by Jim Rakete

Jim Rakete was born in Berlin in 1951, Jim Rakete began working as a photojournalist for daily newspapers, magazines and agencies while

Music Photography by Timothy Saccenti

Timothy Saccenti is a director and photographer. He lives in New York City and works worldwide. Saccenti’s singularly unique, immersive style has

Classical Musicians by Nikolaj Lund

Nikolaj Lund is a talented freelance photographer based in Aarhus, Denmark, who published a book with portraits of classical musicians taken from

On Stage by Brandon Andersen

Brandon Andersen is an editorial photographer with a knack for live music. He brings an unrivaled passion to documenting live music and