Myrna Suarez began her career in photography with a unique specialty in shooting live concerts, the success of which led her to album and magazine covers. Her photography is reflective of a philosophy that emphasizes candor and grace rather than technical tricks, and her portraits harken back to a classic style that reveals the personalities behind the creative arts.

From English Royalty to Music Royalty Myrna has a way of making her subject her partner through out the creative process. Leading to the revealing portraits that both the viewer and the subject covet.

Currently, she is working on a portrait series of the most influential film directors of the 20th and 21st centuries for the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, Among the filmmakers already photographers are Steven Soderberg, Pedro Almodovar, George Clooney, David Cronenberg, Oliver Stone and Wim Wenders.
The directors project, as well as this new project on the greatest living pop, rock, soul and country songwriters, is being created on the legendary 20X24 Polaroid camera, only five of which are left in existence. This camera produces one-of-a-kind 20″ X 24″ Polaroid images that capture more nuanced detail than any other photographic process being used today.