Lars van de Goor is a talented Dutch photographer who was in 1964 in The Netherlands, in a houseboat, next to a farm, located between lakes and meadows. His first passion, however, was music. His latest one is photography. Both share a key element: Composition. Although Lars only started seriously with photography in 2007, his work got noticed almost immediately and gained rapid popularity. Van de Goor was nominated as a finalist in the 2010/2011 Hasselblad Masters Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of photography. Lars shoots a lot of landscape and nature photography, he uses Nikon D800 and Sony A7R2 cameras.

All my rays of light are 100% real. My editing is mainly on the colors. I want my images to look like a painting, but with closer inspection appear to be a photo. For me personally, mood is the most important ingredient in a picture.

– Lars van de Goor

Now in 2016 Lars van de Goor is an official Hasselblad Master in the category Landscape/Nature.

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