Xian-Rong Lin is a talented self-taught photographer, art director, designer and visual artist currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Xian works as designer. He focuses on architecture and urban photography.

The Nanjichang Community (南機場社區) which is slated for urban renewal or reconstruction is one of Taipei’s first modern ‘high-rise’ communities completed in 1964 and was built on the site of the Japanese colonial era’s “Southern Taipei Airport” which was reclaimed in 1949 after the Nationalist party took control of Taiwan.

The community which is situated in Taipei’s Chung-Cheng district (中正區) was built by the KMT as a national housing project for members of the ROC armed forces and upon completion became Taipei’s largest military dependents community (眷村) and at the time was considered a “model” compared to the shoddy military dependents villages that were constructed throughout the rest of the country in the early 1950’s.

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