Naomi Harris is a talented photographer and filmmaker, who was born in Toronto, Canada moved to New York in 1997 and currently based in Los Angeles. For her project “EUSA”, Naomi has travelled across Europe and the United States visiting themed-towns, amusement parks, and festivals. Harris documented the transatlantic obsession with dressing-up. Her work reflects a trade in signs. An important premise for most of these sites is tourism, where the deliberate manufacturing and consumption of ethnicity and cultural heritage play out through the symbolic markers of food, costume, architecture, and performance. In each location, the photos capture the antiquated stereotypes that still persist in the face of globalization.

My project EUSA is a portrayal of American themed places around Europe and European themed places in the US. Being enthralled by another country’s way of life does not mean that it is always an accurate portrayal rather it becomes a sentimental and idealized depiction; an homage to a heritage that isn’t ones own. These locations are a perception of fantasy, a sense of what the other wishes the reality would be in today’s globalized society.

-Naomi Harris