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National Geographic 2013 Traveler Photo Contes

Jeez Louise…Those cookies were good: A relaxed kangaroo spends a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun at the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida. Photo by Graham McGeorge

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The power of the Criollo: The power of the Criollo horses at the Cabanha Ipu located in Paran, Brazil. The Criollo is the native horse of Uruguay (1910), Argentina (1918), Brazil (1932) and Paraguay. It may have the best endurance of any horse breed in the world next to the Arabian. Photo by Chris Schmid

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Music Collector: Ahmet is a record seller who loves music very much. He has a small and charming shop and he makes collection of long-play records. He spends his life on music and its changes, and he is very happy with the old melodies. Photo and caption by Melih Sular

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Our mothers love: I love watching the affection and attention that Bonobos have for their young. They truly are a wonderful species of ape. Photo captured at the Jacksonville Zoo, in Florida by Graham McGeorge

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Shadows in dust: A herd of wildebeest kick up dust at sunset, revealing their shadows. Photo and caption by Max Seigal

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Another perspective of the day: The fisherman at Bira Beach in Indonesia. Photo and caption by Dody Kusuma

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Cowboy in a ribbon of light: Rodeos always provide a sense of place. There’s action, dirt, pride, you name it. It’s a loud, flashy sport, with cheering and showboating. But on the underbelly are quiet moments. The moments between bucking broncs, beer drinking and the announcers crude jokes. Moments like this one, in Helena, Montana, where a young boy waits patiently for the next horse to come charging out of the chutes. Photo by Dylan Brown

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Mount Erebus Ice Cave: A scientist climbs out of an ice cave formed by volcanic vents near the summit of Mt. Erebus, Antarctica. Photo and caption by Alasdair Turner

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Barranco Camp at night: Barranco camp was our third on our seven day hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Taken after dinner while the group was getting ready to get a good nights rest before tackling infamous Barracno Wall in the morning. Photo and caption by Trevor Booth

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Masters of disguise: The Eastern Screech Owl, in Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, is seen here doing what they do best. You better have a sharp eye to spot these little birds of prey. Photo by Graham McGeorge

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Door to Hell: Standing at the edge of the Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan. Known as the Door to Hell, this flaming crater has been burning for decades, fueled by the rich natural gas reserves found below the surface. Photo and caption by Priscilla Locke

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Yellow Lady: The hostile desert landscape in the Little Rann of Kutch in western Gujarat state is where these day laborers work. The stark, white salt is a challenging environment to work in, dry and bright but there is a peace and beauty to this place too which is overwhelming. It was the second time I visited these parts and each time I leave with a sense of joy and sorrow, the people are lowly paid but full of welcome and smiles to me even though life is tough for them as this is their environment. Photo and caption by Charlotte Anderson

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