Nicolas Tourte was born in 1977 in Charleville-Mezières, he lives and works in Lille, France. After studying at Fine Art School of Valenciennes (ESBA) completed in 2004, he continued to experiment installation, sculpture and drawing with an emphasis on information technology and the use of photo and video media then develops a serial of contextual facilities with questioning humor and mockery of the place of man in the universe and the concept of the virtual. One of these first devices was installed in 2005 at the Mir Station. Follow the structure, occasional collaborations including the creation of an image of 32 meters long co-produced by the city of Caen. At the same time, in 2009, a white card it is proposed by the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen during Giacometti exhibition “perspective.”

In 2010, during the exhibition “Interior outdoors day night”, he created at the request of Pygmalion / les Bains Douches, a set of closely related pieces of architecture. With the ephemeral arthothèque ORCCA he exhibited in France, Spain and the Czech Republic. He stayed in artist residency at Usine Utopik. In 2011, he received a Dotation from DRAC NPDC to create for its focused on the landscape, “Land (e) scape / transformium” project grant. Meanwhile, he produced a set of devices using video and photography sponsored by Hermès, which will be an international exhibition.

He exhibited at the Museum of Louviers in 2012 the result of the work developed during a six-week residency at the Villa Calderon, actively participates in the residency program, “You see,” Transat Video. He enters the programming Lille 3000 / Fantastic with a personal exhibition “Dips”.