Awesome night landscapes by Stefan Liebermann, talented self-taught landscape and night photographer, adventurer and physicist at the Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany. Stefan focuses on landscaping, he shoots amazing nature, travel and nightscape photography. Liebermann found his passion for photography in 2015. He uses Sony a7S II camera.

Fortunately my family enabled me to visit countries like Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Cuba and Egypt since I was a child. My fervor for travelling was born. Because of my closeness to nature and my wish to understand its complexity I decided to make a degree in natural science. As a physicist with specialization in optics I have the technical knowledge about optical systems like cameras and lenses and generally in photography. I have the idea to travel around the world with my camera and capture fantastic moments in nature. Therefore I toured around South Africa Switzerland, Italy and Spain. I love the beauty of nature and its phenomena. With the photos I want to share my fascination in Night Photography. By the use of a more light sensitive device as our eyes we have the opportunity to get sight into a magic new world. It’s a special kind of art because it’s not seeable with our eyes but it’s real!

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