Nikola Tamindzic is a talented fashion, editorial and portrait photographer from Serbia, who currently based in New York. He first established himself as a New York art and fashion photographer while working for Gawker in 2004. He continued with assignments for Vogue, NYLON, Harper’s Bazaar and was named Photographer of the Year by The Village Voice. Possessing an uncanny ability to disarm both subjects and viewers alike with his alluringly powerful portraits, he seeks to capture the beautiful contradictions of human experience. In the vein of predecessors who have sought to capture the uncanny in the extreme – Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, and Terry Richardson – Nikola’s distinctively surreal photographs portray a world that is beyond our gaze.

For his latest project “F*cking New York”, Nikola Tamindzic wrangled up models, actors, writers, political activists, and others interested in the subject to showcase exactly how these people, who are so in love with New York, would essentially f*ck it. Tamindzic captured the absurd relationship between New Yorkers and their city. Often shocking, funny and intimate, the work straddles a fine line between pornography and art.

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