Noah Jashinski’s career began while studying film at New York University. It was there he pronounced his love of ’60s French New Wave cinema, and though photography would not become his primary focus until later, the feel of youthful iconoclasm and raw emotion heavily inspires his aesthetic today.

The results from a trip abroad in which he found himself with a plastic camera and a bag of expired film changed the trajectory of his medium in 2009. Noah immediately began collecting cameras and organizing shoots with close friends or regular people he met on the street. Committed to capturing real moments of intimacy and emotion, he obstinately does not use post-production or retouching efforts. To this end, he does all of his work on real film – in love with the imperfection, warmth, and texture of the results. Like life, there are happy accidents and a need to pause and be deliberate with each shot. With film, each frame bears more weight than a digital click, and he believes that is the way photography was intended to be: an intimate bond and trust between subject, photographer, and equipment.