Adorable arctic landscapes by Ole Salomonsen, a talented photographer, and adventurer currently based in Tromsø, Troms, Norway. Ole focuses on landscaping, travel, and astrophotography. He is a Sony European Imaging Ambassador and shoots with primarily Sony gear. Salomonsen uses the Sony A7R, A7R Mark II, A7S, A7S Mark II, and the A77 Mark II and A99. He has over 66,200 followers on Instagram and counting.

In my opinion photography is all about different light, and the lights I am surrounded by in the arctic is every photographers dream! During summer we have the midninght sun, during transitions of autumn and spring (equinoxes) we have wonderful arctic light and astonishing colors from sunset in the horizon, and during arctic wintertime, from september to april, we have the wondrous northern lights, or aurora borealis. Tromsø where I live, is one of the best places in the world to experience the northern lights as we are perfectly located under the aurora oval, even during low activity.

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