Olivier Jean Joseph Leroy is a photographer and artist, who was born in Paris in 1975 and is now based in Tokyo. After his graduation from film school he starts his career beside the french film maker Alain Corneau. Soon he travels to Asia and become a social documentarist for both magazine and television. Once he settled in Japan he focused his work on advertising and editorial photography  before concentrating on his art work. He is now represented at the summerset house in London and exposed worldwide.

There is a sweet spot in portrait photography, a tight equilibrium between light, texture and tonality. A moment when you nearly can feel the skin, touch the hair. When your subject gives this presence and attitude that fit to the light , to the atmosphere.

That fragile and precious moment makes you forget for a while the flatness of a screen or paper and brings a photograph to life, makes you expect a movement.

Because we all know photography isn’t real, it is an interpretation made by the photographer of what he sees and what he feels, a transcription of the mind, then if for a while this mental projection catch the trueness of a moment, at least the photographer would have to share it with an audience.

Olivier Jean Joseph Leroy