Omar Z. Robles is a talented 36-year-old ballet photographer who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and currently based in New York City. Omar shoots breathtaking portraits of ballet dancers poised gracefully on the street. In his latest project “Coming Home”, Omar Z. Robles has captured the serenity and grace of ballet dancers in Puerto Rico. “These photographs carry a weight far more important than any other place I’ve visited recently. These photos are the way I bring home back with me. As a Puerto Rican, I count myself lucky that I can freely visit home. I understand that as a privilege today, one sometimes takes for granted,” he explained.

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Leaving home, is never easy. Whichever your reasons were for relocating, you always end up feeling divided, fractured. You develop new habits and grow into newer version of yourself. Yet, while that newer version of you is perhaps richer in experience than the latter you, there’s a lingering feeling, a longing for home. However your compass rests now perpetually in a state of limbo not knowing where home really is/was/will be…It is what it is.

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