Oscar Parasiego is a Spanish multi-disciplinary visual artist currently based in Birmingham. He graduated with an Honours Degree from the MA Fine Art Photography at the prestigious School of Photography EFTI in Madrid (2008). He has delivered several art projects over the last 10 years working in different countries and collaborating with very diverse communities.

His practice explores the truthfulness of photography and the inability of photography to capture the complexity of human self-reflection. His background in advertising and communications triggered his interest between photography and truth. Some of the themes explore identity, communication, emigration, death and relationships.

His artworks evoke surrealist aesthetics creating powerful and playful images, always in need of the observer to complete the journey.

He is currently interested in pushing photography’s boundaries and exploring the truthfulness of photography with virtual and invisible technologies. His aim is to re-think photography in an innovative way, no longer as a 2D or frozen time instant but something else.

Oscar Parasiego uses photography as a mechanism through which he can know, in a more comprehensive way, people, and therefore know himself better. His works have been exhibited in Spain, Argentina, UK, Panama, Colombia and Portugal, widely disseminated in press and online and reached wide audiences.