Itamar Freed is a talented 30-year-old Israeli photographer, who was born in New York. Itamar received his BFA in Fine Arts from the Photography Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel and is currently pursuing his MFA at the Royal College of Arts in London. Freed’s intensive photographs deal with the tension between enticement and rejection, between outer covering and essence, and between life and death.

My photographic work draws upon a return to the classic paintings of Art History. Through the use of color, natural illumination at its extremes, open composition and multiple vanishing points that simultaneously draw the observer’s eye to different focal points of various events, the borders between dream and wakening are blurred.

In his hyper-realistic portrait photographs, Itamar Freed attempts to crack open the essence of the portrait, to peel off the layers and to create transparency, by placing emphasis on skin blemishes, scars and capillaries, which constitute for him an invitation to invasion and intimacy beyond those layers. He observes closer and closer until the portrait is no longer identifiable as such, until it fractures into abstract pieces.

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