Pal Hansen is one of London’s most published photographers. His pictures are seen in many British and international publications on a weekly basis and his work is often seen on the world’s biggest competitions’ shortlists. Pål is mostly recognized for his portrait work but he has also excelled in reportage. He deals with his sitters on an individual basis and works hard to try to expose the true character behind the face. Although Pål is often placed in very difficult locations and has very little time to take a portrait, he prides himself of creating interesting and aesthetically beautiful and dynamic images no matter what the circumstances are. His pictures show a sensitivity and great understanding for his subjects as well as incorporating humor where possible.

Some of Pal’s highlights have been photographing: the Queen of Denmark (smoking a cigarette), Ringo Starr, John Cleese , Forest Whitaker, Javier Bardem and many more celebrities. Also having produced covers for Time Magazine (amongst them an exclusive story on Damien Hirst’s unprecedented sale at the Sotheby’s auction house), Sotheby’s, regular covers for such publications as The Sunday Times Magazine, Observer Magazine and Independent New Review. His Commercial work includes regularly photographing the world famous PETA campaigns. He has also had great success with his personal work such as his Teenage Parents story which was one of the first stories to show the teenagers in a sympathetic light. Images from this series enjoyed successes from many competitions as well as being used as the main promotional image for The National Portrait Galleries Portrait Award exhibition in 2005.