Paracosmos: a uniquely created, imaginary world of fantasy, built by the powers of our own imagination. The series of photos, “Malaga – paracosmic houses“, portrays the fishing villages Pedregalejo and el Palo in Malaga, which reflect an important aspect of the cultural heritage of the city.

Katharina Fitz is an professional 31-year-old photographer and artist who was born in Dornbirn, Austria and currently lives and works in Nottingham, UK. Katharina studied Spanish culture and language at the University of Barcelona, and photography and film at Instituto de Sant Ignasi de Sarria in Barcelona. Her work is mainly focused towards the socio-cultural and urban photography, addressing issues of different kinds but always from a critical and reflective perspective, showing the structures, processes, changes and problems that are part of social life and human interactions within urban space.

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I create my own paracosmos, an artificial and lively world in combination with a social and urban sociological background.

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