Paul Aresu is an award winning New York-based photographer, specializing in sports, lifestyle, and portraits,. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and immediately pursued apprenticeships with legendary photographers, Pete Turner, Tom Arma, Denny Tillman, and Klaus Lucka. Paul launched his career when opening his studio in 1990. Always at the forefront of innovation, Paul was one of the first to launch into digital photography, building his in-house digital imaging facility as a companion to his commercial production. Paul has lent his creative vision to companies ranging from Nike, American Express,Budweiser, and Pepsi. His work has appeared in magazines globally, from Men’s Health to Sports Illustrated and many European publications.

Paul is a native New Yorker and currently resides in Westchester, NY with his wife and two sons whom he coaches on their various sports teams. He is an ardent music lover, jams on guitar and sees all of his life’s passions as informing his work. When he is not shooting, he spends time jamming with his blues band, mountain bikes, rock climbs and skis. Additionally, Paul gives back by teaching and mentoring students at both Parsons and the School of Visual Arts.