Abstract architectural patterns by Paul Brouns (previously featured), a multi-talented fine art photographer, and artist currently based in Flevoland, the Netherlands. Paul focuses mainly on architecture photography. He is fascinated by the abstract qualities of architecture. Central themes in his work are geometric patterns, lines, and shapes, found in architecture. “Looking at my work, you will still recognize facades and windows, but at the same time you may perceive these compositions as carefully designed tapestries”, Brouns says. He has more than 33,500 followers on Instagram.

I am an artist and graphic designer, living near Amsterdam in Holland. Rhythm, color and geometry are recurring themes in my photographic work and architecture has proven to be an ideal subject for this. I am attracted by abstract, rhythmic expression of buildings and that aspect I try to visualise as purely as possible. No matter how the work is made (direct photography or advanced image editing), what counts is the creation of a feast of dancing shadows, sunlit reflections or colour combinations that enchants and inspires the viewer.

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