Paula Zuccotti is a talented self taught photographer, industrial designer, strategist, trends forecaster, ethnographer turned author and filmmaker craving new lenses, filters and stories. She holds a First Class honours degree in Industrial Design from the University of Buenos Aires and a Masters in Design Strategy and Innovation from Brunel University. Her project, “Every Thing We Touch: a 24-hour inventory of our lives” is a series of meticulously arranged photographs, she shows how simply and unexpectedly a series of objects can tell extraordinary stories about our existence. Paula currently based in London, UK.

Imagine how your day would look if you recorded everything that you touched. From smartphone to soap, from spice to spoon…Driven by this idea, Paula Zuccotti travelled around the world to find people from an incredible array of ages, cultures, professions and backgrounds. She asked them to document every object they touched in 24 hours. From a toddler in Tokyo to a cowboy in Arizona, from a cleaner in London to a cloister nun in Madrid, Every Thing We Touch is their story told through the objects they own, consume, need, choose, treasure and can’t let go. Each image is mystery, a story, a work of art.