Perou is a talented photographer and filmmaker currently based in London, UK. He shoots a lot of portraits, celebrity, music, fashion and commercial photography. Perou would like to think that there is nobody that he won’t photograph. If time wasn’t an issue, he might actually get around to photographing ‘everyone’! His ambition for photography world domination has led him to photograph some of the world’s most iconic names in music, fashion and Hollywood, including Jeff Bridges, Vivienne Westwood, Dita Von Teese and Helen Mirren (to name only a few). Perou even followed Marilyn Manson on a world tour and shot award winning rockumentary titled ‘God is in the TV’.

He continues to shoot fashion and editorial images for publications such as Vanity Fair, Q, The Guardian Magazine, Shortlist and Esquire.

For his series “Coulrophobia”, Perou created a series of klown self-portraits.

via theguardian