Pete Wongkongkathep is known as a landscape photographer based in Southern California, originally from Bangkok, Thailand. He moved to the U.S. in 2009 for his graduate study in Analytical Chemistry at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He finally moved again to Los Angeles area in 2011 where he switched to the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) program at UCLA.

Back in 2003 when he got Nikon FA, his first film SLR camera, from his dad, he started learning photography and fell in love with it. His dad became his first photography teacher. The film camera had turned into a digital SLR in 2007. Without a cost of film and processing, he could learn from taking many photos as he wished because he believes that photography learning cannot be accomplished by only reading books or some articles online. He was completely self-taught by going out in the nature and seek for breathtaking views and light. With a variety of mountain, lake, waterfall, fall color, and desert landscapes throughout the U.S., he has been truly inspired and gained his passion in nature photography. Aside from doing scientific researches, he enjoys traveling and backcountry camping. His photos were published in international photography magazines, such as N-photo.