Peter Funch was born in Denmark in 1974. He studied photography at the renowned Danish School of Journalism in Copenhagen and was selected to be a member of the World Press Photo Masterclass in 2003. As his career developed, Peter turned away from journalism in favour of personal and artistic projects that allowed him to follow his own direction. His work is diverse in terms of its subject matter, and combines perceptive social commentary with a cinematic visual language. Peter’s personal work often involves creating new scenarios, especially street scenes, from photographs he has taken on the sidewalk. While initially many of these look like real-time events or captured moments, they are in fact painstakingly constructed from numerous images taken at the same location over several days.

Peter’s concept-led approach to creating images and his willingness to play with and explore ideas makes him a natural match to advertising. He has been associated with several notable campaigns including the stills for the SONY Bravia “Balls” ad. Peter’s other commercial clients include Emirates, O2, EA Sports and HSBC