Philip Kanwischer is a talented photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Philip received his Bachelor of Design with Distinction in Photography from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2015. He shoots a lot of fine art, animal and wildlife photography. His process is to fully immerse hisself in nature, forming a connection and understanding with his surroundings. Kanwischer takes time to compose his shots and revel in the aspect of chance and uncertainty that comes with wildlife photography.

The majority of my work is rooted in various representations of the wild. I consider myself a conservationist of nature. If I can bring a sense of wonder and awe to the viewer then I have succeeded. The visual intrigue of my more fine art pieces, as well as the secret moments captured in my wildlife photos are ones that I hope will stimulate the viewer and make them question how they see the world around them. Ultimately I want to convey the beautiful land we live in and encourage people to have respect for the wild and its beautiful inhabitants.

Philip Kanwischer