Nain Leon is a freelance conceptual photographer and digital artist, who was born and raised in 1980 in Mexico City and currently based in San Antonio, Texas, US.

My childhood was not very normal, most of the time I loved hunting animals in general like insects or fish instead of playing with kids. I never hurt them just looked at them

I found in the photography the main tool as a means of expression and I complement it with photo digital manipulation in post-production.

I don´t pretend to document the world around me exactly the way it exists, I prefer to create a different perspective of life where the common is unknown through simple actions or interventions and sometimes creating nonexistent worlds.

The images that I make are unreal and unusual for the viewer. They tell and illustrate tales that confront reality with imagination.

The subjects I work with come from times of personal reflection, current world problems, dreams that I want to make real, texts that I want to recreate and from music. That´s why my themes are very different, we can find beautiful and amusing moments, as well as dark and twisted instants.

– Nain Leon

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