Planet Labs, Inc. is an American private company that aims to create an Earth-imaging satellite network with open data access. Planet Labs was founded in 2010 as Cosmogia Inc. and is based in San Francisco. It successfully launched two demonstration CubeSats, Dove 1 and Dove 2, in April 2013. Dove 3 and Dove 4 were launched in November 2013.

In June 2013, it announced plans for Flock-1, a constellation of 28 Earth-observing satellites. Flock-1 satellites orbit at a height of about 249 miles (400 km) and provide imagery with a resolution of 3–5 m (9–15 feet) and envisaged environmental, humanitarian, and business applications. The Flock-1 CubeSats were brought to the International Space Station in January 2014 and successfully deployed via the NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer in mid-February. The company plans to launch a total of 131 satellites by mid-2015. In March of 2014 co-founder and CEO Will Marshall presented at the TED conference in Vancouver. In January 2015, the firm raised $95 million in funding.