Polly Tootal is a talented 36 years old photographer, who was born in Hertfordshre, UK and has lived and worked in London since graduating at the University of Brighton, Editorial Photography, BA Hons in 2001. Polly shoot a lot of British landscapes, she travels on journeys through cities, towns and villages, passing suburbs and countryside along rivers and following coastlines. For her series ” Unknown Places”, Tootal headed out across the UK to show how exotic and odd apparently familiar vistas can appear.

The universal anonymity of these photos tells another story of modern Britain. It whispers of the silences of sterilised life, the hypermodern, super-modern, whatever you want to call it illusion that history has reached an end-point, the lie that there are no more wars here, that there are no more noises to be made, no more dramas. Banality, apathy, convenience.

– Polly Tootal