Gorgeous female portraits by Andrew Kinder (previously featured), talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, engineer and world traveler currently based in Sacramento, California. Andrew focuses on portraiture, he shoots marvelous beauty, fashion and lifestyle portrait photography. He was honorably discharged from the Navy in November of 2013. “Eventually, I would begin posting them on Instagram. People took notice of my work and I gained a few followers here and there.”, he says. “Instagram became my ticket to network around the local photography community, and to my surprise, it was very alive and thriving.” Kinder has over 30,000 followers on instagram.

My focus started with urban and landscapes, then eventually moved onto portrait photography. As I go deeper into the art, I discover new things about myself and my creative abilities that I want to master. I want to keep learning as much as possible, I believe that journey will never end. I also hope to impact millions one day with my work. It’s my desire to be able to create images and films that will move people to elevate themselves, and to be more expressive and true. I think we have a number of problems in this world, and if I can help solve just one of them, this will all be worth it to me.

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