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Gergeous Beauty and Lifestyle Film Portraits by Bobby Vu

Marvelous female portraits by Bobby Vu (previously featured), film director and photographer from Huntington Beach, California, US. Specializing in portraiture and fashion photography, Bobby has a unique flair for bursting colours, strong faces and cinematic scenes. He has over 92,900 followers on instagram and counting. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Awesome Lifestyle Portrait Photography by Andrew Kinder

Gorgeous female portraits by Andrew Kinder (previously featured), talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, engineer and world traveler currently based in Sacramento, California. Andrew focuses on portraiture, he shoots marvelous beauty, fashion and lifestyle portrait photography. He was honorably discharged from the Navy in November of 2013. “Eventually, I would begin posting them on Instagram. People took notice of my work and I gained a few followers here and there.”, he says. “Instagram became my ticket to network around the local photography community, and to my surprise, it was very alive and thriving.” Kinder has over 30,000 followers on instagram. My focus ... Read more

Gorgeous Natural Light Women Portrait Photography by Abel Lares

Marvelous female portraits by Abel Lares a.k.a. @abelinsane (previously featured), Sacramento-based photographer, retoucher, educator and artist who started photography in 2010. “I’ve Learned from watching others, while teaching myself a few things here and there”, he says. Abel uses Canon 5D Mark III with Sigma 50mm f/1.4 and Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens. Lares has over 39,500 followers on instagram. Being well versed in post processing via photoshop, Abel Lares hopes to create images that are only limited to his and his subjects imagination. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Visual Optimism: Candy-Colored Self-Portraits by Leslie Schneider

This series of playful photographs and full color is the work of Leslie Schneider a.k.a @splendidrags, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, creative developer and traveler from Los Angeles, California. In her polychromatic feed, Leslie reveals with a personal vision this stunning candy-colored photographs that are reminiscent of an eternal summer. She has amassed over 82,000 followers on Instagram. Have a look at some of the photos found on her Instagram page. More info: instagram / website

#portraitmood: Marvelous Beauty and Lifestyle Photography by Xing Liu

Gorgeous female street portraits by Xing Liu a.k.a. caliallstaring (previously featured), Midtown Sacramento-based photographer, retoucher, youtuber and artist, who has over 109,000 followers on instagram and 24,000+ subscribers on his youtube channel. Xing uses wonderful color coordination, tones, poses and “Bokehlicious” in his portraits. He creates outstanding compositions. More info: instagram / youtube

Contemporary Street Portrait Photography by Fan Wei Sheng

Fan Wei Sheng a.k.a. SamAlive (previously featured) is a multi-talented 30-year-old photographer, graphic designer, urban explorer and instagram star who was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and currently resides in New York City and works as a freelance photographer. Fan Wei focuses on portraiture, traveling and street photography. He has over 359,000 followers on instagram. Life is like an adventure, as long as I am still alive, I will continue to take pictures everyday of my life. More info: instagram / website

Delicious Female Portrait Photography by Julian Estaban

Beautiful portaits by Julian Estaban a.k.a. 3rdeyevision, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and artist currently based in Dallas, Texas. Julian focuses on portraiture, he shoots gorgeous fashion, beauty, lifestyle and steet portrait photography. Estaban has over 4,400 followers on instagram for his lovely colors, tones and composition. More info: instagram

Marvelous Female Portrait Photography by Chad Hendrix

Awesome portraits by Chad Hendrix(previously featured), talented self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in Northern California, USA. Chad focuses on portraiture, he shoots awesome beauty, fashion, lifestyle and street portrait photography. He works as photographer in Leading Edge Studios, multimedia production company. Hendrix uses Sony A7rii and Canon 6D cameras with 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art lens. He has over 7,700 followers on instagram. More info: instagram / website

June Lawrence Beautifully Manipulates Portraits Using Only Her Smartphone

Moody, dreamlike and fine art portraits by June Lawrence a.k.a. CinnaAvox, multi-talented photographer, smartphone editor and visual artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. June focuses on portraiture, she creates spectacular surreal and playful images. Lawrence shoots with Canon EOS 6D camera. Then by using the app, PicsArt Photo Studio, June creates surreal and intriguing images using only her Sony Xperia smartphone. CinnaAvox27 has over 63,600 followers on instagram. More info: instagram / facebook

Marvelous Beauty and Lifestyle Portrait Photography by Kent Lin

Kent Lin is a multi-talented young photographer, retoucher, dancer, choreographer and adventurer from Taiwan who currently lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina. Kent focuses on portraiture, he shoots stunning fashion, lifestyle and street portrait photography. Lin has over 21,700 followers on instagram. More info: instagram

Gorgeous Beauty Portrait Photography by Anna Mårtensson

Awesome female portraits by Anna Mårtensson, talented photographer and artist currently based Stockholm, Sweden. Anna received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Parsons The New School for Design. Mårtensson focuses on portraiture, she shoots stunning fashion, editorial and beauty photography. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Outstanding Lifestyle Portrait Photography by Shani Varner

Awesome moody, bokeh and beauty portraits by Shani Varner, talented photographer and digital artist based out of the beautiful city of Atlanta, GA. Shani focuses on portraiture, he shoots awesome lifestyle, fashion and street portrait photography. His work is combination of a glass prism, theatre lights and “a hole lot of luck”. Varner has over 7,300 followers on instagram. More info: instagram