Pamela Hachem is a talented self-taught photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon. Pamela focuses on portraiture, she documents the daily-life of Lebanon. Her latest series “#PortraitsOfWhatYouLove” features conceptual portraits of people behing the objects. “It is unconventional, as the main idea behind it is that every person holds the object that reveals his or her passion,” she explained.

My journey in photography started when I used to take pictures randomly. But afterwards, I found out that photography is not just about that, it’s a passion that goes beyond reality, an astonishing connection between the photographer and the image they try to convey. After gaining some experience in photography, I realized that I want something that is not just appealing to the eye, but something that makes people look beyond the surface and explore their own identity.

More info: instagram Sourse: boredpanda