Jean-Paul Goude is a French photographer, graphic designer, illustrator and film director who was born in 1940. Promptly, Jean-Paul Goude established his innovative and festive style mingling sex, humour and morphing. The maker of fantastic images, he collaborated with numerous magazines and brands such as Perrier, Chanel, Orangina or the Galeries Lafayette, creating iconic advertisements that have completely regenerated the art of publicity by making the imaginary become realistic.

From Grace Jones, his partner and ultimate muse to Vanessa Paradis, from Azzedine Alaia to Kim Kardashian, Jean-Paul Goude found in his sitters, allies to conceive a jubilant society within which cyberdolls fraternize with delicate birds and internet- breaking butts collide with androgynous divas – the inhibited mixing of commerce with art alongside pop with luxury.

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