For the last two years Rachele Mai’s practice has mainly been focused around different aspect of the deconstruction of clichés, through an attitude based on a private relationships method in suburban environments, in which the photographic medium is used as a social instrument of estrangement. In her research, the sumptuousness of kitsch, the contradiction of the tautological and the iconology of the peripheral are the upshot of an ongoing attempt to come closer to people and their own private heroism. She mainly couple photography with performance, but her love of Internet, the great outdoors and deviation often lead her towards unlikely visual hybrids. From her rich list of visual notes, emerge images that slip between the order of the true, of the uncertain and of the false. To understand their nature, we are obliged to study, with a semiotic eye, the cuts of the framing, the origin of the light source and the possible presence of reflexes.

His work has been shown at BYOB, 54.Biennal of Venice, Italy (2011); the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Milan, Italy (2012); Galerie 201, Zürich, Switzerland (2012); the ZKM Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany (2009); IMMIX gallery, Paris, France (2008). In 2013 She was granted a one year artist-residency in Venice at the contemporary art Foundation Bevilacqua La Masa