Isaac Alvarez is a talented photographer and director currently based in Los Angeles, California. Isaac, well known for his dramatic portraits that resonate with emotions, studied photography early on at the “Art Institute of Los Angeles” located in Santa Monica, CA. He focuses on portraiture, Alvarez shoots incredible fashion, conceptual, fine art and commercial photography.

I knew that I wanted to put the heads of dogs on the bodies of their owners, but I had no idea how I would be able to manage the light in the images. Each time I see a series like this, the background is white and the light is flat. I wanted something different, more dark and dramatic, which is more my style of photography.

Isaac recently created “Reflection of Me“, a new series of of images with dogs and their owners in portraits that could reflect their matching personalities. “We do own pit bulls and it always bothers me when certain people automatically act terrified when they meet our dogs,” he says. “I gathered a bunch of my friends that are dog owners and executed this project in a unique way”.

I analysed the photos of the dogs and their owners to see how I could create a new unique character from each duo. Most of the time, I told the owners that they had to carry an object that corresponded to their dog’s personality.

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